About Leslie Morales

Who I am.

I’m Leslie Morales. Serial Entrepreneur. Mother of two.

Wisdom Seeker. Student and Teacher. 

Certified High Performance Coach.

Certified Law of Attraction Coach.

Neurofeedback Practitioner.

Past Life Regression Practitioner.

Reiki Master.

Living in service.

I was drawn to Brendon Burchard’s High Performance Institute in 2015. I have dedicated my working life going forward to coaching others and helping them realize their highest potential.

Leslie Morales, Certified High Performance Coach


I would recommend Leslie Morales to anyone wishing to make positive changes in their life! 

Leslie is very effective at challenging and motivating me to become a better person each and every day. Her warming and electric personality continues to inspire me to new levels of personal growth I never thought was achievable! 

 Thank you, Leslie, for your insight and wisdom.

Michael Treleaven
Treleaven Real Estate
Calgary, Canada

Leslie Morales’ coaching skills are so deeply supportive, while also being keenly insightful. I was immensely grateful for her help during a major life change moving from one career into a whole new life developing my artwork.  Her grasp of the realities we create through our own belief systems is truly awesome, and she helps you to work in line with the law of attraction effectively.  Her uncanny ability to help you see what you might be feeling beneath the surface, and then to help you free yourself, is just brilliant!  

Beyond that, Leslie is a marvelous person and a real pleasure to work with.  I would happily encourage anyone to seek her out.  I’ll always be so appreciative for how she helped me, and I look forward to working with her again.  Just love her!

Lauren George
New York, NY

Leslie approached our coaching experience together with genuine compassion. By using a combination of a recognized process with her own unique, creative and intuitive style customized just for me, she guided me thoughtfully through our sessions. As if by magic, it was right away that I saw my life take off in new and positive directions.

 Leslie has a gift as a truly effective coach. She is highly intelligent, well-read, the hardest worker you will ever meet – and tons of fun!

Cheryl Peyton
Peyton Places
Palisades, NY

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